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Monitoring a Speedstream 4200

Due to a recent ADSL fault I began monitoring the stats from my Speedstream 4200 DSL modem. I figured the Cacti graphs might be handy for anyone else out there in a similar situation. Example graphs are below :) As you can see there was a pretty bad line fault!




Attached below are the templates required, all that is really needed is a few Get SNMP data sources and away you go :)

  cacti_graph_template_sync_rate.xml (7.3 KiB, 943 hits)

  cacti_graph_template_snr_attenuation.xml (8.4 KiB, 875 hits)

For reference here are the SNMP OID’s required to pull the stats.

Attenuation    .
Sync        .
SNR        .

Attenuation    .
Sync        .
SNR        .

One last thing… I have attached to this post the latest open version of the firmware. As these modems were always branded when sold you may require the open version to get around the VOIP block and also enable a few of the hidden features that were turned off by some resellers.

  Update_D240_A5Y_106-15_j045_v1r.exe (1.8 MiB, 880 hits)