Dynamic lists and mail migration in Exchange 2007

Just a couple of quick tips which have helped me recently. Unlike Exchange 2003, creating dynamic lists based on AD attributes has become a little more complicated. Granted there is a built in wizard which works for some basic queries but doesn’t have the fine grained control that I needed.

For example to create a dynamic mailing list which will contain all users who have been marked as being in say the Perth office. This refers to the office field which you can set through AD users and computers or via the Exchange console. To create this load your Exchange shell as admin and run the following.

New-DynamicDistributionGroup -Name ‘Perth Staff’ -OrganizationalUnit yourdomain.com.au/MyBusiness/Users/Staff’ -Alias ‘PerthStaff’ -RecipientFilter { (Office -eq ‘Perth’) }

To break it down you are limiting your search scope with the –OrganizationalUnit which improves performance by not having to search the entire tree when you don’t need to. The -Alias is self explanitory and the –RecipientFilter is simply what you are filtering on and in this case its the Office field and the fact it equals Perth.

This is just a simple dynamic list, check out the Microsoft page here http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa996561(EXCHG.80).aspx for more advanced examples and options.


Mail migration between mailboxes has always been a bit of a pain. In the past Exmerge was the tool of choice however this is no longer needed come Exchange 2007. This could be useful for archiving mail out from one mailbox to another on different storage (Exchange 2010 has archiving built in which is much better) or you can even go to PST for maybe permanent archival to tape or optical media.

Make sure you have the latest service and you can simply run the export-mailbox tool via the Exchange shell.

export-mailbox –identity source.mailbox -includefolders "\Inbox" -MaxThreads 4 –TargetMailbox destination.mailbox -TargetFolder Archive

You can filter this further if needed but it’s relatively straight forward and will pull all the mail you specify out and put directly into the target mailbox without having to go to PST in between or use Outlook.

Good luck and have fun.

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