Bypass SBS 2008 Memory Requirements

For anyone looking to work with SBS 2008 in a dev environment but unable to provision VM’s with 4gb of ram you may be interested in this little reg key..

I see lots of posts around the net asking for ways to bypass the memory requirements but not many with answers. I stumbled upon this one recently which has finally allowed me to get some SBS 2008 dev work done.

When installing SBS 2008 once you are past the initial install and are up to the first page of the configuration if you hit shift+F10 to bring up a command prompt then launch regedit you can edit the following key to allow the install to continue even though your machine doesn’t meet the requirements.


This may also be useful for those of you running on the bare minimum but with an onboard videocard which is consuming some of the ram pushing your usable ram down.

Hope this helps a few people :)