Just a quick post for anyone looking for mRemote downloads and/or source code as the latest wasn’t easily found on their page.

mRemote as their website says is “a full-featured, multi-tab remote connections manager”. I use it for accessing RDP/VNC/SSH services on a variety of hosts so that I can keep it all neat and in one interface. However the developer has since merged the project into a paid for application so at some point the current 1.5.0 may no longer be on his site.

For now I have uploaded the current latest source code and binary for anyone looking for a copy. Long live mRemote. However I will note the paid for application is pretty good so if your feeling generous grab a copy :)

  mRemote_1.50_Setup_EN.exe (2.5 MiB, 1,043 hits)

  mRemote_1.50_Source.7z (4.3 MiB, 1,075 hits)


Check out mRemoteNG as an ongoing build of mRemote by another author.

mRemote is a full-featured, multi-tab remote connections manager.

PHP WMI Library for Linux

I’ve just released a WMI/PHP library which will allow you to easily WMI query Windows machines from your Linux server via PHP. It is somewhat of an extension of the CactiWMI project as it used that code base as a reference for the query and processing of the returned data. Whilst there are a number of libraries in existence for this purpose on Windows there appeared to be none for when running PHP on Linux.

So why has this all come about. In my job I’ve been working on a small helpdesk type application written in PHP. The idea being that it presents all the information about the user, computer and helpdesk ticket that we are working on in one place. It also provides a quicker interface for searching information than the existing systems on their own. For this I needed to be able to hook into Active Directory, the MSSQL job tracking DB and of course WMI data for the remote PC. All this from the Linux based server.

So I branched off some code from the CactiWMI project and initially wrote it as a simple wmi() type function to run basic queries against remote machines. This quickly became a bit of a pain as I needed to add more arguments to allow filters and then more code to decide if a filter had been supplied or not etc so dumped it and rewrote it into a WMI object.

Now what we have is a reasonably simple library which you can include into your project, create the WMI object and throw some queries at hosts. The data returned at the moment is a little rough as its just a numerically indexed multi dimensional array but should make iteration very easy. I’ll be looking for suggestions as to what I can improve as it’s the first library like this I have had to write and I’ve probably made plenty of rookie mistakes.

I’ve attached a copy of the current stable release and an example file which should get people started until I can add some documentation. I may look at releasing the helpdesk app as well as it’s come in quite useful :)

SVN Repository is located here

  PHPWMILib-0.0.2.r4.tar.gz (13.3 KiB, 2,640 hits) (569 bytes, 2,644 hits)