Automated VirtualBox + LVM Snapshot VM Provisioning

Just a quick follow-up to my previous post about using LVM to clone logical volumes to create new VM’s. I’ve written up a quick script to help automate the process which allows you to rapidly deploy a fleet of test VM’s without having to mess about.

The script is attached below and requires PHP. Configure the config options within the script and then to provision a new VM you simply sudo ./makevm.php <vmname> and it will take care of everything.

  • Creates the snapshot of the original logical volume
  • Sets the permissions on the device so that the user can access it
  • Creates the raw VMDK file and registers it with VirtualBox
  • Creates the base VM with the name provided
  • And finally it configures the VM to use the correct disk and network setting etc

That’s all there is to it :)

  makevm.tar (10.0 KiB, 1,208 hits)